This Week in the Village Voice: Fro-yo, Siren and Musto Returns!


Why is this artist getting the boot from his Chelsea apartment? Could his $576 rent have anything to do with it?

SIREN 2008: Music editor Rob Harvilla notes that the weirdest, and possibly best, band on the bill at this Saturday’s music festival (put on by the Voice) is the opening act, Dragons of Zynth.

To Catch-22 a Predator: Maria Luisa Tucker considers the plight of numerous habitual rapists caught in a strange legal limbo on Ward’s Island. Could a glitch in the law be our best protection from predators?

The Columnists
Michael Musto’s back after a week off and gets some of that old time religion (Florida style). Lynn Yaeger endures the hardships of schlepping around to see all the public art titillating the masses. Nat Hentoff isn’t happy that Ray Kelly appears to be tasering his way to the mayor’s office. In Runnin’ Scared: Maria Luisa Tucker on the rebel artist who faces eviction for painting too much. And Sean Gardiner on a high school student who turned his NYPD arrest into a school project.

The Critics
Theater: Michael Feingold eyes theater’s devilish ways in The Bacchae and Damn Yankees. Dance: Mark Morris saves famous star-crossed lovers! Deborah Jowitt reviews the noted choreographer’s Romeo and Juliet Books: Matthew Shaer talks with comix-world star Brian Wood.

Eats: Not your average margarita mill, Cabrito’s authentic Mexican takes Robert Sietsema back to his Padre Island days. Sarah DiGregorio slurps up the plain fro-yo craze, and separates the good from the bad.

Film: Scott Foundas finds that Heath Ledger’s Joker in Dark Knight “would have cemented his legend even if he’d lived to see the film’s release.” Camille Dodero soaks up the old New York on display in Lou Reed’s Berlin.

Music: Jason Newman checks in with the coolest kin we ever had, ‘Uncle” Ralph McDaniels. Christina Black makes the case that Manhattan isn’t dead yet. And Annie Fischer reports on her Bastille Day drunk in Dirty Blonde.