Friday Five: David Wright, Ashley Dupre, Guido Wars, 50 Cent, Air Guitar Amputee


Here’s a quick-and-dirty list of five stories to peruse in today’s Post and Daily News.

1. BINGO!: The two papers had a bit of a mind-meld today with their front pages, using “ALL WRIGHT NOW!” (News) and “ALL WRIGHT!” (Post) to announce David Wright’s 9th-inning home run that helped propel the Mets to victory and first place in the NL East.

2. Who’s a “Fitty Daddy”? The front page of the Daily News notes that 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) was declared a “Fitty Daddy” by a judge after he took a drug test so he could take his son Marquise on vacation. The rapper passed with flying colors, but if you read the Post, the small blurb on page 7 notes that he’s not a “Fitty dad,” but that speculation is attributed to 50 Cent’s ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, not the judge. The best quote is in the News, where Tompkins says she’s uncomfortable with Jackson taking Marquise on vacation, “That’s just an honest, nondefamation opinion.” (Jackson is suing Tompkins for defamation after she accused the rapper of setting fire to the Long Island home she lived in with her son.)

3. More problems for Ashley Dupre. A New Jersey woman is suing the former call girl for stealing her identity back in 2003. Amber Arpaio lost her driver’s license, which an underage Dupre used so she could appear to be of legal age. Dupre identified herself as Arpaio when she appeared in a Girls Gone Wild video. Love the Post‘s subhead for this story: “Flashed my ID, her boobs: gal.”

4. Speaking of Jersey… Staten Island “guidos” are outraged over remarks made by Belmar, NJ, mayor Ken Pringle in a newsletter. The mayor compared the guidos to “a kind of rare bird: they flock to our shore towns during the warm months and are as welcome as, oh, Canada geese.” One way to not state your case is the way Staten Islander Cameron Mambelli did to the Post, telling the paper, “The mayor should watch his f—ing mouth!” Yeah, that makes you look classy.

5. Finally, the News has an exclusive interview on page 12 with Taryn Kapronica, the winner of the U.S. Air Guitar regional competition. The Brooklyn woman rocked out so hard in her performance that she slammed into a metal chair and bent a toe all the way back. The injury was so bad that she had to have the toe amputated. Now that’s dedication to your craft!