Who Killed Mark Schwartz and Christina Petrowski-Schwartz?


Tabloid coverage of the Marine Park murder mystery is in its second day, and the Daily News and the Post have wildly different approaches to the story of the double murder of divorce attorney Mark Schwartz, and his wife, divorce mediator Christina Petrowski-Schwartz. Both papers speculate the killings may be related to an embezzlement scheme, but the details vary.

The Daily News interviews an “ex-business partner” of the couple whom police are investigating. The paper withholds his name “because he has not been formally identified as a suspect.” The partner worked with the Schwartzes on real estate deals and, according to an investigator, they “discovered that this partner was stealing money from them.” When asked to comment by the Daily News, the “partner” denied being in business with the couple and said that he only shared office space with them and had never been to the house. He tells the paper, “They’re nice people. I don’t know how they were killed.” Included in the story is speculation from neighbors about where the murderer entered the house (a next-door neighbor says he would have heard if someone came out the front door) and who may have been the killer (another neighbor describes a “short, stocky Arab man [who] came in and out of the house a lot,” noting “it was kind of strange because of the hours”).

The Post identifies Robert Delvicario as a “one-time business partner” of the couple whose business relationship with them has gone sour. The Schwartzes were missing $180,000 from an escrow account. It’s unclear whether Delvicario is the same person as the unnamed partner in the Daily News story, especially since some of the details vary. While the News “partner” claims to have never been to the Schwartz house, the Post says Delvicario may have had a key to the family’s home. This raises suspicion because it illustrates that the couple’s watchdog might have felt comfortable enough with Delvicario to not bark if he had entered the house. The dog didn’t make a noise when the intruder entered the house. Police say the dog was not tranquilized.

Another person under suspicion, according to the Post is Nicholas Petrowski, Christina Petrowski-Schwartz’s son from a previous marriage. According to the paper, Petrowski suggested Delvicario as a suspect and “[i]nvestigators noted that Petrowski seemed unfazed by the double slaying while being questioned.” The Post also notes that investigators later “downplayed” Petrowski as a possible suspect. The Post includes a photo of Nicholas Petrowski wearing a “Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver” t-shirt, which they imply is some sort of “message.” The paper also notes that Petrowski “threatened a photographer and called reporters ‘vultures’ and ‘losers.'”

All we know is that there are many different avenues Law & Order or CSI could take when they inevitably rip this story from the headlines.