Lindsay and Samantha Give Birth to Lesbianic Press Clippings!


Something bizarre has happened with the apparently sapphic relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson―the media has actually reported on it! In the past, the press was all icky about this sort of thing and avoided gay celeb reportage like a colonoscopy because it made them all queasy and nervous. But in this case, everyone’s decided that murmuring about the twosome is not that dirty―in fact, to most straight guys, it’s totally hot! L.A. Times writer Kate Aurthur got wind of this exciting new development in ethics and wrote a piece about it―and she was savvy enough to include me as a commentator! Read it and learn.

But let me add a proviso: The press still avoids buzzing about Jodie Foster (even though she practically came out for one minute) and Ellen Page, mainly because they’re considered power players, not party girls. In all of its forward momentum, the press still tends to draw the line at non-freaks. But let’s forget that for a dykey minute and enjoy our progress.

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson: Read all about it