Link Dump: Residents Post Guerrilla Signage, Williamsburg Walks, and More


Blogger Jeremiah Moss decided urban etiquette signs need more coverage in the blogosphere. After checking out this photo, he started a flicker group dedicated to the subject. [Vanishing New York]

A landlord’s technique of mistreating tenants and offering them buyouts to vacate a building for redevelopment backfired as the Bowery Sunshine Hotel, one of the area’s last flophouses, will now remain open for another three years. Judge Julio Rodriguez rejected owner Roseann Carone’s bid for a “certificate of no harassment” after evidence of the mistreatment was revealed yesterday. [Curbed]

Babeland employees gawk at new toy that “combines modern art sensibility with erotic functionality.” The Romp even claims to be green-friendly as it is grown from wood from Cocobolo, Purpleheart, or Elanthai. [Babeland Blog]

Green Guerillas, a local non-profit, gather community gardens citywide to attract the public. Check out their summary of community garden events. [Bed-Stuy Blog]

The MTA unrolls the future of transit-to-public communication: user-tailored texting to riders about unexpected delays such as floods. After the August 2007 floods, they started developing this technology. As usual, they’re creeping to completion and hope to finally implement the technology this fall. [2nd Ave Sagas]

Landmarked buildings waste away as landlords either want to profit from redevelopment after the building crumbles, can’t afford the maintenance, or find repairs too daunting. The city can fine the landlords up to $5,000 but new laws will help it become more proactive about filing lawsuits. Here’s a top ten list of decrepit buildings. [Lost City]

Williamsburg decides to join many other areas of the city experimenting with car-free streets and shuts down Bedford Ave four Saturdays this summer in what it calls “Williamsburg Walks.” One commenter said, “What’s worse, biking with cars or hipsters in your way?” [Bikeblog]