Live Nude Girls: Strip Clubs, Subway Sandwiches and Naked Yoga


There’s a trio of stories in today’s tabloids that deal with matters of the flesh. Two cover strip club scandals, and another uncovers nudist enclaves around town. Let’s start with the strippers.

One creepy trend I noticed in both of these stories is that the proprietors of the strip clubs like to give themselves “family” nicknames. The Daily News has an exclusive interview with Lou “Daddy” Posner, the owner of the Hot Lap Dance Club (seriously, that’s its name? Why not just call it “Sexy Stripping Establishment”?), who says that he’s shocked at the allegations that his ladies were selling sex for money. Posner was charged with promoting prostitution and money laundering on Thursday night when the club was busted. He says the W. 38th St. club was on the up-and-up and any time a woman would give a price for a sexual act, it was a joke, “You know, throwing out a figure to make someone drop the subject. Like, ‘Yeah, sure, I’ll do it for $5,000.'”

“Daddy” isn’t the only proprietor in trouble. The Post introduces us to Anthony “Cousin Vinny” Agnello, who decided to combine two of his favorite things: Five-dollar footlongs and strippers! Agnello opened a “Subway-style” sandwich shop that at night turned into a strip club that offered, according to a flyer quoted in the Post, “six hours of nonstop, hardcore, live action from some of the most beautiful young ladies who have ever chosen to take their clothes off in public.” Unfortunately, Agnello’s 2-for-1 special came to a screeching halt when the parent company of Subway decided to sue.

People don’t just take their clothes off for money. The Post looks at THE NAKED CITY on page 3. They examine various nudist “hang outs,” including a clothing-forbidden yoga class and a Naked Comedy Showcase, where the performers and half the audience are in the buff. There’s even a monthly nude dinner club at various restaurants around the city. It’s motto? “No hot soup!”