The Sox/Yanks Road to the Playoffs


Weekend of July 18, 2008

I can’t believe it. The Rays are back in first place!?

The Sox need to do everything they can to climb up the 1.5 games they’re behind, and everyone needs to start pitching in.

And as I tuned in to the Sox-Angels game Saturday afternoon on the radio, somewhere in the second inning, I heard the commentator yelling about Youkilis’s two-run home run. His, ahem, career-high 17th home run of the season. Good, I thought. Run by run, we’re gonna do it this year.

But, in the seventh, the Angels loaded the bases and, off a few hits against Beckett, made the score 4-2, and we were never able to rally. And Lugo wasn’t even playing this game.

Also, the Yankees won Saturday, and even though I’m inclined to hate that fact, the way it happened made me laugh out loud as I watched the highlights later that night. The game was in extra innings with the Yankees and Oakland tied, 2-2. In the 12th, the Yanks loaded the bases (off a hit, an intentional walk, and an accidental walk) and after Molina fouled off two pitches and saw two balls, Lenny Dinardo (who has a 2004 WS ring, by the way) threw a pitch that Molina bent his right knee into. Ever so slightly. A walk-off hit-by-pitch!? “And the Yankees win the game, 3-2, in the twelfth!!” Yeeesh.

Sunday, the Yanks played at 1 and the Sox were on ESPN at 6. (Thank God. Otherwise, my roommate and I would be switching between both games every half-inning.) The only memorable moment was when Abreu dropped a catch in the ninth, and then overthrew the ball to Jeter. My roommate howled. I laughed. Oakland must’ve been out of it, though, because they couldn’t even capitalize off that shitty defense. They lost, 2-1. Swept by the Evil Empire.

I somehow fell asleep in the second inning of the Sox game and missed the Angels’ back-to-back runs, which brought the game to 2-0. But in the top of the third, Pedroi hit a double, Manny hit a double (bringing Pedroia home; 2-1, Angels), and Lowell hit a single (bringing Manny home) but got tagged out. Tie game, bitches!

In the seventh, Vlad dropped Ellsbury’s flyball in right field, putting Ellsbury on first and scoring Coco, who’d been hanging out on second, itching to come home. The score: 3-2, Red Sox! And Vlad with an error. And really ugly sunglasses.

Then the Angels tied the game again in the eighth with two consecutive doubles. (Ellsbury got one hell of a workout in left in that half-inning.) Delcarmen walked Figgins, which took us to a man on first, a man on third, and—heaven save us—Okajima warming up in the Sox bullpen.

Base hit. Angels were running everywhere. 5-3, Angels. With only one out. Strikeout. Two outs. K-Rod warming up in the Angels bullpen. (Shit.) Pop-up. Inning over.

Top of the ninth. Coco strikes out. Casey strikes out. Ellsbury, 0 for 4, worked his way to a full count. The crowd was on their feet. Ellsbury swung—and missed. K-Rod threw his hands in the air, cheering. Game over. We were swept.

Next up: The Mariners.