Bake Me Out at the Ballgame: The Yankee Stadium Sunscreen Ban


See, this is the type of hard-hitting exclusive I want our papers to produce. The Post today has a story about the ban on sunscreen at Yankee Stadium. The reasoning? That good ol’ T word: “terrorism.”

The brilliant reasoning here is the same one behind the liquid ban on flights, but here’s the kicker: security allows you to put on sunblock before throwing it away. So, if you apply the lotion on your skin, essentially confirming it’s not liquid explosive, you still have to throw it away. Yankee Stadium sells a 1-oz. bottle of SPF 15 for $5.

The best part of the story is this exchange between a fan and security:

Seeing the giant bag full of confiscated sunscreen Saturday, one steaming Yankee fan asked whether he could take one of the tubes and apply it before heading into the park.

“Absolutely not,” the guard told him. “What if you get a rash? You might sue the Yankees.”

The Post reports that fans will now be allowed to bring in 3-oz. containers of sunscreen. That’s the Fourth Estate in action!