Britney Spears’s Brilliant Parenting Skills


Britney Spears has been pretty low on the radar lately. In fact, she almost seemed set for “Great American Comeback” status when she guest-starred on two episodes of How I Met Your Mother. But, as with most struggles, it’s a case of “one step forward, two steps back.” You see, Spears had the great misfortune of being photographed smoking a cigarette in front of her elder son, two-year-old Sean Preston. Little Sean has picked up Mommy’s lighter and is going for her pack of cigs in the photo. The front page of the Post refers to the photo as “Britney kid’s smoke bomb.”

Of course, this is not the most dangerous thing young Sean Preston has been photographed doing. That distinction goes to the time back in February 2006 where new mom Britney was photographed driving her car with a 5-month-old Sean Preston on her lap. Compared to that, grabbing Mommy’s lighter is kid’s stuff.

And really, that’s all it is. Despite the front-page photo and the hand-wringing about introducing bad habits at such a young age, the kid is two. Two-year-olds tend to get into things they’re not supposed to. You tell them “no,” redirect, and move on. (Incidentally, the Daily News has a photo of the incident in today’s Rush & Molloy. It’s of Spears trying to take the lighter away from the boy.) And yes, despite all the evidence that it’s really bad for you, people still smoke.

Britney Spears is not going to win Mother of the Year any time soon, but for this is going a tad overboard. If you had photographers following you at all hours, would you find yourself on the front page of the Post for something mundane that happened while you were parenting your kids? It’s not unlike the time Britney almost dropped Sean Preston while exiting a car. People trip. Sometimes they’re carrying babies. It happens. Unfortunately, a picture is worth 1000 “whoops!”