Open Your Celluloid Closets for Vito Russo


Vito Russo was the acclaimed gay activist and historian who wrote The Celluloid Closet, the classic book digging behind the lavender lens with wit and insight. And now he will be memorialized in a biography, which is crying out for you to get your cellullar out of the closet and give it some input. Did you know Vito? Share heartwarming memories with him? Argue movies while throwing popcorn and Slushies at each other? Contact the author, Michael Schiavi!

Tell him Jay Blotcher sent you. Jay’s a renowned friend of mine who sent out an email urging those in the know to add their two gay cents. “The biographer has been quite diligent,” wrote Jay. “He has interviewed 120 people already including Lily Tomlin. The resulting book deserves a worthy publisher.”

So email Schiavi at mschiavi@nyit.edu. I don’t say this often, but let’s help out a writer other than myself!