Your Chance to Be on Broadway! In Funny Costumes!


Superheroes are hot again, thanks to The Dark Knight, Iron
, The Hulk, and Barack Obama. And now, here’s your opportunity to play a superhero while singing music by Bono and the Edge and cavorting around to Julie Taymor‘s Tony-award-style direction. There’s a Broadway musical of Spider-Man a-coming—this was as inevitable as the West Side Story revival—and it’s looking for talented people to flex their muscles at an open call on July 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Knitting Factory at 74-Leonard Street.

Here are the pecs-y parts available:

Peter Parker: male, 16-20s, great rock voice, can be nerdy with understated
sex appeal, good sense of humor

Mary Jane: female, 16-20s, beautiful girl next door, strong pop//rock
singing voice

Principal Woman: female, 25-35, amazing rock vocals, think Sinead O’Connor with a Middle eastern/Bulgarian/Greek twist. All ethnicities.

You’re asked to bring 16 bars of a pop/rock song that shows you’re strange—I mean that shows your range—along with sheet music and (if you have it) a photo/resume stapled together. Otherwise, just paper clip it, I guess. And don’t do “Corner of the Sky”!

But I strongly suggest you only try out for Peter Parker or Mary Jane, because honey, I AM Principal Woman!