‘Daily News’: Dull on Sharpton


Many New Yorkers have fled the city because of the heat (or because they’ve been laid off), and the interns and second-stringers are filling in, but those of us who are still here are suffering at the hands of the tabloids.

Joining the Post in the bad-headline assault is the Daily News, which bannered its Al Sharpton story this way on its website:

‘They’re not “Al” out to get me: Sharpton’

That’s almost as stoopid as the who-gives-a-shit story itself, which starts like this:

A day after the feds dropped a criminal probe of Al Sharpton’s finances, the activist minister said he’d learned a lesson.

“I have learned that everybody is not necessarily out to get you,” Sharpton told the Daily News. “And, I hope [prosecutors] have learned that everybody who questions the system is not trying to beat the system.”

That is a big shift in attitude for the usually combative Sharpton, who has claimed that investigators unfairly targeted him and his National Action Network because of his civil rights activism – as they did the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Get it right: Sharpton hasn’t learned any lesson, people are out to get him, prosecutors are out to get people who question the system, Sharpton hasn’t had a “big shift in attitude,” and if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he’d bitch-slap Sharpton. And then he would try to throttle the reporter who put his name in the same sentence as Sharpton’s.