Dolly Will Never Go Away Again


I’d be so honored if you clicked here and read my column, which stirs up a potpourri of Broadway happenings, most notably a visit with petite powerhouse Dolly Parton as she previewed bits of 9 to 5, the upcoming Broadway musical she wrote the songs for, to the press. Dolly—who’s all tits, hair, and nails—told us of all the praying and ass kissing she had to do to get this show (based on the hit 1980 movie, naturally) on the boards. It opens in April, with vavoomy Megan Hilty in the Dolly role, pirate queen Stephanie J. Block in the Jane Fonda part, and the always resourceful Allison Janney as Lily Tomlin’s alter ego. But is the feminist theme still relevant? Sure, as writer Patricia Resnick told us, “The press thought it was OK to talk about Hillary’s cleavage and never mentioned McCain’s package.” And was that a godsend? Hush, read the column.

Dolly Parton’s Boobs and Pharrell Williams’ Balls