Here Comes the Sunscreen


Don’t ever let it be said that the “powerful” journalism of the Post doesn’t get results.

Just about 24-hours after the paper ran an exclusive detailing a recent crackdown on sunscreen at Yankee Stadium, one which drew an especially angry backlash from fuming fans over the weekend, the Yanks have lifted the ban.

Stadium security confiscated garbage cans full of sunscreen in various tubes and bottles this past weekend. In an apparent desire to pad the routines of local stand-up comics and conform to the image of New York City parodied in Grand Theft Auto 4, the team cited terrorism as the reason for the clampdown.

Yesterday, team spokesman Jason Zillo announced that the Yanks would ease the current restrictions on some plastic containers, promising — in a play on words that would’ve made Henny Youngman proud — to “not be as stringent” when it comes to sunscreen and protective lotions.

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