The MTA Takes Flak but Finds Defenders…


MTA debt alone will consume one-fifth of all authority spending by 2012. Without city money, the fare hike seems inevitable. [2nd Avenue Sagas]

Also, the MTA’s word choice sucks. Why use the word ‘receptacle’ instead of ‘trash’ in a city filled with foreigners? [East Village Idiot]

Everyone is complaining about the MTA today, but one blogger takes a stand. This blogger determined it only costs $1.19 per ride with the monthly unlimited and is happy to be paying less than $2 per fare. Everyone should worry when the unlimited card costs $136 said the blogger. [Roosevelt Island 360]

Nobody seems to know what makes the “Summer Streets” initiatives successful but a lively discussion occurred in the comments section of a rant about how one should evaluate them. [Streetsblog]

The Public Theater remains one of the last vanguards of bathroom class, claims Lost City blogger. “You could arrive at the Public Theatre completely unwashed, unbrushed, smelly and hungover and have nothing to worry about. A trip to the restroom will set everything right.” [Lost City]

“Electrical problems” actually mean $150,000 of unpaid tax warrants for famous Pizzeria Grimaldi’s, as they posted signs outside their doors this morning that they would re-open by 5 pm. They paid the taxes and are now open. [amNY]