This Town Deserves a Better Class of Idiot, and MTV’s Gonna Give It To ‘Em in Red Hook


The catfight’s out of the bag.

We’ve known for some time that Brooklyn would be the next lucky place on the map to play host (in the parasitic sense) to a season of MTV’s The Real World. Now, though, we know for sure just where in BK residents can look forward to a 24/7 circus of television cameras, shouting matches, public intoxication and semi-nude lesbian makeout sessions at every bar within a half-mile. The latest edition of The Brooklyn Paper talks to some of the locals in Red Hook — where MTV is reportedly preparing to set up shop for the 21st season of The Real World — and finds that quite a few of them aren’t likely to be rolling out the welcome wagon for their new neighbors.

Which is a nice way of saying that you’d think a Sikh family was about to move into a trailer park outside Orlando.

Gothamist actually has the best quote in reaction to the influx of Real Worlders, a migration which has the potential to represent pretty much the final nail in the “cool” coffin for the area, if not Brooklyn entire: “I think I’ll be moving to Manhattan next. Less hype. Less bullshit. Slightly fewer douchebags. And probably cheaper. Did you know Manhattan is the new Brooklyn?

MTV had initially planned to shoot TRW:21 in Downtown Brooklyn’s Belltel Lofts, but moved to Pier 41 at 204 Van Dyke Street when renovations of the luxury condo building weren’t coming along as promised.

Congratulations, Red Hook. Downtown’s loss is your gain.