10 Questions for Katy Perry, Who Is Definitely Not, Like, Strung Out and Doing Centerfolds



“You guys haven’t even done an examination about ‘Lollipop,’…he’s not talking about a lollipop, he’s talking about his dick!”


Bi-curious-curious pop princess Katy Perry is quick to dismiss her own sauciness. She shrugs off the transformation from Christian-born, Christian-rock Katy Hudson (changed to avoid confusion with Kate Hudson) to the secular, titillating Perry. The notion that she’s unloading years of repression from rock-hating parents? Ah-ah. And she don’t even like, no she don’t even like girls. Which doesn’t leave us with Tila Tequila, but Dita Von Teese apparently.

Where are you calling from?

I’m calling from inside my tour bus, in my little old bunk, which is pink of course. I’m on Warped Tour all summer.

Are there any other female acts on Warped Tour?

Barely! There’s actually an all Japanese ska girl band, which is really cool. They don’t speak a whole lot of English, but they all look like cool…Japanese…girls. I met them yesterday—I’m like obsessed with Japanese culture—and they’re so sweet. I forget what they’re called…oh wait. What are they called? [someone on the bus is correcting her] Oh, O-re-ska. [ORESKABAND]

Much has been made of your parents both being pastors and banning secular music in the house. What do they think of your music?

You know, my parents are actually very supportive of me and they love me, and we actually have a very strong family. Sometimes the media will try to give you that stereotype of “good girl gone bad,” and I’m like, look, I’ve always been bad, it’s just, you know, I left the nest. I’m not bad, but I’m in the business of rock and roll. I always had an opinion about things, I never censored myself. My parents always knew that was who I was and sure, they might’ve painted something else than what I turned out to be but I’m definitely not, like, strung out and doing centerfolds.

Have they seen you live?

Yeah. They love it! Last night though, the highlight of my life was seeing a Fox News piece, called “Perry Controversial.” “Unholy Melody” was the title below it and I was like “Yessssssssss! I’m putting this on my blog right now.”

How strict was your childhood exactly…did you get in more trouble getting caught with boys or music in your house?

A mixture of both…I was definitely not allowed to go to any unisex birthday parties, I remember that growing up. I wasn’t allowed to go to dances, didn’t go trick-or-treating. Wasn’t allowed to listen to, you know, what my parents called secular music. It’s definitely not something I’m sad about…I probably have more teeth because I didn’t go trick-or-treating. And I get a fresh perspective on music, and I love my parents and I love my story and where I came from, my foundation. And my faith still. I think it’s lame when people are so scarred by their past, because it’s an opportunity to change and grow up.

What is the country more hung up about, sexuality or spirituality?

I don’t know….I think the country’s perspective is not the most admirable. I saw my headline with the same headlines of “accused killer, wife murderer” and I was like, “oh shit!” I was in that same headline. I’m just singing about the simple curiosity and beauty of a woman and if you know anything about me as an artist, I’m not Tara Reid, centerfold, blah blah blah. I’m very inspired by Dita Von Teese and pin-up, 1940s…just that edge. And it’s so weird because I’m like, “You guys haven’t even done an examination about ‘Lollipop,’…he’s not talking about a lollipop, he’s talking about his dick!” Like come on, if you’re gonna start throwing stones at Top 40 radio there’s gonna be like, Miley Cyrus left and that’s it! And the Jonas Brothers.

Do you mind discussing your sexuality?

My sexuality is really…I love boys. (laughs) I have a boyfriend. I love a man, definitely, that knows how to treat a woman. And I do appreciate the beauty of a woman, and I sing about it in my song. But I’m not up there for a free-for-all, there is no Tila Tequila in me, thank the Lord.

Do you think there will be more songs about sexual experimentation in your future?

I never, never limit on what I’ll write in the future, because all my songs are really autobiographical songs of my life. And I have no idea where my life is gonna take me, but that’s what I write about 100%. So who knows.

I only prod because I can’t remember the last big hit to address homosexuality…there were a lot more in the ‘90s. So you’re kind of the de facto spokesperson right now in pop. Do you feel any pressure or responsibility to address political messages or any causes—

This song was never meant to be a rulebook, manual, “This is who you are, what you should do,” blah blah blah. It’s just basically a story out of my life. As far my political stance goes, I really believe in integrity and character in living your life with that in everything you do. It doesn’t matter who you love, as long as you do that with integrity.

I come from a very different perspective than what I have now, it’s very night and day to me. I feel like I have lived a little bit of life and been around all types of different people and I feel like I get to form my own opinion now rather than be fed an opinion and okay with that.

The guy who “UR So Gay” is about…does he know it’s about him?

Of course. We’re good friends…he has a warped sense of humor like me.