‘Post’: Stupid Story That You Must Read


Because you didn’t spend last night in a whorehouse, you’ll want to check out the Post this morning for a vicarious thrill. You’ll find three must-read paragraphs atop a story that is absolutely meaningless — a rare combination, because in papers like the Times, it’s usually the other way around.

Under the mediocre (for the Post) headline “DOORMAN’S ‘BORDELLO HELLO’ GAL”:

The sexy model girlfriend of Park Avenue’s millionaire doorman once worked as a “greeter” at a brothel — but insisted yesterday she never knew about the raunchy goings-on there.

“I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes,” said Sabina Mari Johansson, who worked at Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club on West 38th Street just weeks before it was raided last week.

“I learned about it when it hit the papers. I knew it was a topless strip club. I had no idea they were doing prostitution.”

Great stuff. Don’t bother to read on.