What Will Bike Racks Become in NYC?


Ten new bike rack designs announced today as finalists for DOT’s bike rack redesign competition. With ridership up 75 % since 2000, the current number of bike racks isn’t sufficient and two of the ten will receive $5,000 and money to prototype their design. [City Racks Design Competition]

All 100 city agencies that serve the public are now required to translate key documents and offer interpretation for the top six languages spoken by new Yorkers according to an announcement made by Bloomberg on Tuesday. Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, and French Creole will be given the same priority as English. [The Daily Gotham]

You get what you pay for with the MTA. As long as Albany refuses to grant larger subsidies to the MTA and rejects initiatives like congestion pricing, which would bring in $400 million annually, riders are going to have to pay more or watch their system suffer. [2nd Ave Sagas]

Straphangers should man up and pay for what they use instead of trying to get cars to pay for their transit, said blogger Lewis Derkins. 15.5% of the gas tax pays for mass transit. So without cars, mass transit wouldn’t exist. [Commuter Outrage]

Which would you defend, chain stores or bars? Community Board 3 failed to realize the similarities between the two claims SLES and is leaning the wrong way on opening another bar on 3rd Avenue near NYU, SLES said. [Save the Lower East Side]

Politics as Puppetry cataloged the failure of Anti-Gentrification movements and suggested a new strategy: using the glitz of New York against the gentrification. Have activists dropped the ball? [Politics as Puppetry, a blog we should point out is run by a Voice intern]