Amusing/Enlightening Things to Read on a Monday Afternoon


The happy couple, in happier times. CRED

A magnificent Radar article on the bizarre and tragic love affair between Throbbing Gristle mastermind/all-purpose provocateur Genesis P-Orridge and Jacqueline Breyer (a/k/a Lady Jaye), who died last October.

Honorable Voice associate Jonathan Cunningham, toiling for New Times Broward-Palm Beach, notes N.O.R.E.’s gala appearance in a BangBros porn flick. I’m too scared to click on that actually.

Brooklyn Vegan posts a photo of Ra Ra Riot cellist Alexandra Lawn; commentators are seized with brutal spasms of lust and/or rage. Representative samples:

i’d bone it,
pipe it,
hit it,
stripe it,

clip it,
whack it,
flip it,
smack it,

club it,
poke it,
rub it,
smoke it,

flail it,
lick it,
nail it,
stick it

most importantly, i’d tenderly caress it and whisper joni mitchell songs into it and feed it peach sorbet.

As I read comments on this site, I often find myself gleefully envisioning concentration camps and gas chambers brimming with all the vapid, sexist, racist, illiterate, materialistic, shallow, moronic assholes who post here. Is this wrong? No, it’s not.