Snotty garage-rock revivalists The Black Lips have been known to spit on audiences, or into their own mouths, but you’d know that just from hearing Cole Alexander’s caterwaul sneer. Their last album, Good Bad Not Evil, contained a love song written for a girl named Katrina from New Orleans—’nuff said, right? The antics are what they are: Beneath, the quartet is one of the better pop formalist acts around. They perform here with Deerhunter, fronted by one Bradford Cox, whose own public acts of self-destruction have somewhat overshadowed the gorgeous art punk his band plays. Both bands are from Atlanta and have worked together in all sorts of bizarre ways—expect the two sets to overlap some, in terms of exhibitionism if not actual musical collaboration. With King Khan & His Shrines and Tall Firs.

Sun., Aug. 3, 2 p.m., 2008