Trend Alert: Starlets Without Surgery or Eating Disorders


Don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years.

Hollywood babes are taking charge of their bodies again! Well, three of them anyway–if you believe the press. Firstly, Emma Thompson supposedly threatened to quit Brideshead Revisited when she learned they were making the leading lady eat less to get her down to Calista size. (They changed their minds and Brideshead got revisited after all.) Then Julianne Moore told an interviewer that she’d never do Botox—it’s a ridiculous experience and it doesn’t make actresses who use it look younger anyway. (That’s true. It makes them look like refurbished furniture.) And finally, Keira Knightley summoned some pride and prejudice by reportedly insisting against computer trickery the studio wanted to use to make her bust bigger for posters promoting The Duchess.

Is this a new trend? Actresses finally standing up against the movie machine’s spirit-crushing insistence on slim hips and swollen boobies? I hope so! It’ll mean a big comeback for Bea Arthur!