We Have a Winner


Yesterday, we played “What is it?” a new featurette in which I take (hopefully, in focus) pictures of dishes and ask you to identify them.

Commenter Mai was right on when she wrote:

It looks like a Vietnamese dish called Banh Beo. Rice dough steamed, topped with dried shrimp powder and fried onions. Yum!

Exactly—banh beo, jiggly, steamed rice cakes topped with puréed mung beans, dried shrimp powder and fried onions. And yes, yum.

Congratulations Mai, your prize is fame and glory, and we hope that the paparazzi won’t bother you too much.

The banh beo above are from Pho Tu Do, which I find delicious—anyone have a different suggestion for where to find good banh beo?

Pho Tu Do
119 Bowery
(212) 966-2666