U.S. papers chicken on Kiev


Major update on the Yushchenko poisoning case, but where is it?

Whatever happened with that alleged poisoning of Ukraine’s supposed reformer and Orange Revolution symbol Viktor Yushchenko in September 2004?

An major update is flashing around the world right now, but the big papers seem to be ignoring it. Thanks to the rip-and-run-from-the-Associated-Press policies of smalltown papers, you can read about not only in the Kiev Post (if its website wasn’t being flooded right now) but also in the Erie (Pa.) Times- News, whose website isn’t.

Here’s how the Eurasia Daily Monitor is reporting it:


Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has made it clear that he holds Davyd Zhvania, the sponsor of the populist People’s Self-Defense bloc (NS), responsible for his mysterious poisoning at the height of the presidential election race in 2004—Zhvania denies this. Zhvania also insists that Yushchenko’s was a case of ordinary food poisoning, and that his poisoning with dioxin was nothing more than a myth created in order to help Yushchenko win the election.

Four years ago, the U.S. media marched in lockstep with Yushchenko’s claim that he had been poisoned, and his face looked like it, having been transformed from handsome investment banker to quasi-Elephant Man (or at least Quasimodo).

Was it dioxin or simply (but seriously) pancreatitis, as his foes claim? Justin Raimondo at ponders the case and its coverage here.