What Could You Do With a Parking Spot, Bond References in Sean Connery Renovations Lawsuit, and the Montauk Monster…


As activism gets wackier and wackier these days look out for September 19th when 50 parking spots will become parks for a day. After last year’s success with 25 spots, organizers now will let you apply for a mini-grant until August 8th. [Streetsblog]

Sean Connery faces another lawsuit from non-famous residents living below him as they called the cops on his construction crew yesterday, complaining about potential damage to their homes. The best part is watching the news try to jam in Bond references, which is exactly what this blogger does. [EV Grieve]

This bad boy ain’t your average Montauk beach animal wash up. While the mystery of what-the-fuck this thing is continues, readers bet on the animal testing center right upstream. [Gawker]

Religion fits neatly into modern times today as a blogger finds people are now reading the Torah on their iPhones. [East Village Idiot]

Gov. David Paterson announced a $630 million budget deficit statewide yesterday that he’s addressing by firing 1,000 state employees. He admits it’s not their fault, blaming Albany and their excessive vacations. But they’ll be taking the fall. [The Daily Politics]

Even when the MTA manages to acknowledge a public hazard, the workers they hire perform such a shoddy repair job that they create worse conditions than before, a new report from Assemblyman Dov Hikind points out. Two reports yesterday highlight the MTA’s ever-worsening predicament. [2nd Ave Sagas]