Roamin’ Holiday: More on Clark Rockefeller


The search continues for Clark Rockefeller (or “Rockefaker,” the Flintstones-esque nickname given him by the Post) and his daughter, Reigh “Snooks” Boss. Sightings of the pair are popping up all over, as is wont to happen with such a big story. One so-called “credible” sighting occurred at a car dealership in Delaware.

New characters have emerged in the past two days: We’ve met Aileen Ang, the woman who drove Rockefeller and Boss to New York City for $500. She had no idea that she was involved in a kidnapping, and told the media that she thought Rockefeller had custody of the girl and Darryl Hopkins, who drove the Red-Sox-sticker-emblazoned SUV that originally spirited them away. Hopkins was a livery cab driver who also had no idea that Rockefeller was kidnapping his daughter.

The more bizarre aspect of the story today is how the papers delve into Rockefeller’s past. Both the Post and Daily News have photos of Rockefeller’s 2005 performance as Roman war god Mars in Cornish, NH. The pictures immediately brought to mind a Yankee (New England here, not the Bombers) version of the Living Classics pageant in Arrested Development. The Post goes with a “Roman” pun on its front page.

The News, however, has an exclusive interview with Rockefeller’s friend William Quigley, who tells the paper that Rockefeller had planned to kidnap his daughter last Christmas, when he expressed sadness that his ex-wife had moved overseas with Snooks. Quigley also says he never questioned that Rockefeller wasn’t a member of the wealthy family, especially because of his nose, “It’s so distinctive.” Also, when they went out to eat, apparently Clark Rockefeller always ordered the oysters Rockefeller. Am I the only one who thinks this smacks of “trying too hard?”

Rockefeller remains a mystery. One detective calls the man a “ghost” who “has no work history, no educational history, no family history, not even a Social Security number.”