The Tales of Two Rodriguezes: Ivan and Alex Make Headlines for the Yankees


Both of our tabloids today proclaim what a “GREAT CATCH!” the Yankees got in trading pitcher Kyle Farnsworth to the Detroit Tigers for catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. With Jorge Posada out for the season with a shoulder injury, the Yanks need an everyday catcher, and Pudge fits the bill.

Pudge, however, is not the only Rodriguez on the front page of the papers today. Alex Rodriguez is back in the spotlight with his side of the divorce battle with soon-to-be-ex-wife Cynthia. The Daily News obtained court papers that answer C-Rod’s July 7 divorce petition. A-Rod wants the mentions of his infidelity stricken from the record (Florida is a no-fault state) and is trying to enforce the prenuptial agreement. If Cynthia Rodriguez continues with her decision to fight the prenup in court, she’ll have to pay for Alex’s legal fees should she lose.

Not all that’s included in the court papers is doom-and-gloom. A-Rod does give Cynthia some credit as a mother, and the News quotes:

“‘Husband admits and acknowledges that wife is a loving and nurturing mother,’ the papers say. ‘Husband is confident that he and wife will be able to continue to work with one another to co-parent their children together and that they will be able to agree upon a time-sharing schedule. . .without the need for court intervention.'”

Rodriguez does admit that his job requires him to be on the road quite a bit during the summer, and includes this confident comment that his travel schedule “more often than not, [goes] through the baseball playoffs in October.”

We’ll see if the addition of Pudge Rodriguez to the Yanks makes A-Rod’s travel schedule longer this year.