‘[title of show]’ Targets the ‘Mos


Musical Mondays at the gay club Splash was extra packed with theater queens this week because actual Broadway stars—the cast of [title of show]—were set to work their magic onstage at midnight. Before they went on, the crowd sang along to numbers from Rent, Wicked, and anything else with Idina Menzel, as they do every week like gay clockwork. Then host Scott Nevins emerged to tell us he’d just been to Six Flags with Anthony Rapp (from, of course, Rent) and Rapp’s a “theme park Nazi” who won’t take any excuses about why you don’t want to go on free-falling drop rides. “I was shitting glitter!” declared Nevins.

And finally, for our OWN entertainment, he brought out the [show] cast of four plus pianist, who did two songs from the love-it-or-don’t-love-it musical, and this crowd LOVED it. Four of them even battled it out in an onstage contest to win tickets to see it (again, that is). In a nod to some running gags in [show], they were asked to make up a drag name and also to sing a song from a flop musical. The winner came up with Testosterone Salad, which wasn’t so hot, but he did manage to belt out a few bars of “Love Changes Everything” from Aspects of Love. I was shitting glitter—but not in the dressing room’s bathroom. A sign there says, “This is for urination only”! So I peed glitter.