Acme Smoked Fish’s Cheap Fridays


Acme’s headquarters

You know all that wonderful smoked salmon, sable, tuna, whole chub and whitefish that you shell out big bucks for at Zabar’s and Russ and Daughters? If you go to the source, Acme Smoked Fish, you can get it all at wholesale price (well below retail) every Friday between the hours of 8am and 1pm.

I know that’s not a good time slot for those of us with, well, jobs, but I figure that summer Fridays are the times people are most likely to be able to take off early or get in late. And if you don’t gobble it all on Friday afternoon, you’ll have plenty of smoked fish for Saturday brunch.

Acme has been in business since the early 1900’s, and the company is still family-owned and run. They supply to iconic places like Russ and Daughters and Zabar’s, and also make various salads, like kippered salmon and whitefish.

This morning, I stopped by their headquarters. It’s in an industrial part of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and can be a little hard to find. Once you come to the front, pictured above, just walk in and go through the door to your right. There’s all sorts of delicious fish laid out, all of it at excellent prices. You can sample, to see which you like best.

I got 1/4 pound each of nova cold-smoked salmon (I got so excited that I forgot to ask where the salmon comes from, but I’m guessing it’s Atlantic farmed), smoked sable, and pastrami-style smoked salmon.

For the 3/4-pound total, the bill was $18. It’s cash only.

Acme Smoked Fish Corp.
30 Gem St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Nova salmon

More nova salmon

The set-up

My loot