Growing Food without Knowing, Hope Breeds From Depths of Dirty Gowanus Canal, and 60 and Still Being Carded…


San Francisco’s front yard is also being turned into a food haven for a Slow Food Nation festival.

With worries of economic and food crises, your yard could provide much needed food in the future, and you don’t even have to touch dirt to make it happen. Companies in major cities such as My Farm in San Francisco will come into your back yard, turn it into a garden, and harvest it for you, of course for a price. [By Design]

The Gowanus Canal smells worse than a rotting fish, has caught on fire, and killed a baby whale. Yet, the infamous waterway could be redeemed: scientists report that it contains microorganism that might create new drugs to combat human disease. Scientists explored the canal specifically because of its horrendous conditions. [Curbed]

60 years old and still getting carded at bars? The saga of a man who comments on his age to a bouncer outside the bar Union Hall and is expelled from its front door. Bitter, he even goes so far as to call the police. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]

The Long Island College Hospital serving not one, but five Brooklyn neighborhoods (Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens and Red Hook), sold over three buildings it owned worrying doctors that they’re going to shut down this much needed facility. [Lost City]

NJ Transit signs order passengers not to use stopped escalators as stairs. Huh? It’s such a ridiculous request that it elicits a Mitch Hedberg reference by this particular blogger. [East Village Idiot]