Same Story, Different Day: Mary-Kate Olsen and the Ongoing Heath Ledger Investigation, Angelina Jolie’s Twins and Snooks’s Return


Perusing the front page of today’s Post, it seemed like it was late January, early February again. The big story is an exclusive on a “HEATH SECRET,” that Mary-Kate Olsen wants immunity from prosecution if she talks to the DEA about Heath Ledger’s overdose death. Isn’t this a case of “second verse, same as the first?” The Post gunned for Olsen in the immediate aftermath of Ledger’s demise because the masseuse who found Ledger’s body called Mary-Kate instead of the cops. (Who can forget the infamous “HEAT IS ON MARY KATE” front page?) According to the Post, investigators have interviewed everyone except for Olsen, and that includes Ledger’s former fiancée Michelle Williams—the mother of his child. (For the record, “Ms. Williams was extremely nice and cooperative,” a source tells the tab.)

Ledger’s death was ruled accidental, but authorities still want to suss out how the actor obtained the various medications found in his apartment. DEA investigators are especially interested in a bottle of OxyContin, which was the one drug found that was not prescribed to Ledger. If Olsen continues to refuse to cooperate, she may find herself under subpoena by a grand jury. Is there really anything new and cover-story-worthy here?

This is especially strange considering that details emerged yesterday about how Clark Rockefeller was taken in by the FBI Saturday, a story the Daily News chose to use as the focus of their page one. The News didn’t even have an exclusive on the interview with Marina manager Jim Ruscoe, who managed to get Rockefeller to leave his rented home in Baltimore with the ruse that Rockefeller’s boat was taking on water. When Rockefeller, who was going by the name Charles “Chip” Smith, left the carriage house, the feds apprehended him and rescued Reigh “Snooks” Boss. Snooks has since been reunited with her mother, and Rockefeller has an extradition hearing today.

Celebrity, however, trumps kidnap and intrigue. Witness how ga-ga the tabloids went over this week’s cover of People magazine, which was released to the press yesterday. It features Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their newborn twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. People is keeping the rest of the pictures close to the vest, especially since the publication teamed with Britain’s Hello! magazine to pony up what the Post says was $15 million for the rights to the photos. The Daily News puts the haul at $14 million. The Jolie-Pitts will donate the money to charity.

Still, $14 million+ for pictures of two-week-old newborns? That’s the time when almost all babies look like shriveled old men (which, granted, can be totally adorable). The picture of little Shiloh holding her baby sister is probably more interesting, as you can see the resemblance between her and her famous parents. Of course, missing from the cover are Pitt and Jolie’s other three children, who the media love to point out are adopted. It’s not unlike those scenes in The Royal Tenenbaums where Margot is always introduced by Royal as “my adopted daughter.”