Bear-Back Mounting at the Museum of Sex


I got some hot action over at the Museum of Sex’s Sex Lives of Animals exhibit the other night. I got to stand with friends in front of a slide of two pandas doing the dirty! That might not sound very gratifying to you, but maybe you’re not as crazy about bears as I am. In fact, I’ve been seguing into an appreciation for them ever since I started hitting the freedom fries again and loosening my belt three notches. Anyway, each guest at the opening of the exhibit got to pose for a souvenir photo like this, and the fun of it was that you could also choose to stand in front of pounding penguins, mounting meerkats, or horny hippos. There were more copulating options than are even on Manhunt!

The exhibit itself is a bracing adventure into the wild life of wildlife. Most memorable of all is the display about a mallard duck who fucked a dead mallard duck for 75 minutes. The first one tried to rape the other, the other tried to escape and died, and the first one fucked him anyway. Yes, just like in the human world, the gays will stop at nothing to get laid.