Is This the Final Day of Clark Rockefeller/Snooks Coverage?


Clark Rockefeller’s appearance in court in Baltimore yesterday did not garner any front-page headlines in either paper, but both tabloids did cover the most recent events. Both papers looked at the story from the angle of how Rockefeller swindled his way around Baltimore. Using the alias Charles “Chip” Smith, Rockefeller earned the trust of the employees of Obsidian Realty, the company that sold him his carriage house. He even managed to talk them into giving him access to the company’s offices after business hours, and it’s there that he purchased a catamaran while claiming to be Obsidian’s owner. Employees of Obsidian tipped off the feds to Rockefeller’s whereabouts when they saw the story of the kidnapping on the news. Rockefeller waived his right to an extradition hearing, and will be brought back to Massachusetts today.

This seems to be the last bit of “real” news regarding the Snooks kidnapping until Rockefeller’s trial. Plenty of mystery remains: Sandra Boss and her daughter have been—understandably—out of the public eye since their reunion on Saturday. The Daily News includes a piece on the life of luxury awaiting Snooks when she returns to London. The piece contrasts the $2 million home in London’s affluent Knightsbridge neighborhood with the “carriage house…full of unpacked boxes and red leather furniture” in Baltimore.

I’m just curious which piece of news we’ll get first: Clark Rockefeller’s true identity (authorities still don’t know), the trial or the book deal. What’s your prediction?