Scott Davis


Scott DavisMost of these nocturnal photographs of gas sta-tions, shuttered buildings, and deserted parking lots were taken in California. Davis has a sharp eye for inanimate drama, and his black-and-white prints have a rich physicality—in one shot, raking headlights illuminate a sandy roadside, giving crisscrossed tire tracks the hefty presence of fossils. In 2008’s Thrift Store, San Fernando Valley, a diagonal slash of fluorescent lights casts a dingy glow on cinderblock walls; one of the tubes has burned out, echoing a pair of dark posts and their shadows in the background, forming a geometry of late-night desolation. In another vista, painted lines in a parking lot are repeated in the strips of triangular banners strung between light poles, creating a cat’s cradle of palpable space. These lonely parked cars, forlorn streetlights, and darkened billboards capture a mundane noir, the shad-owy flip side of sunny paradise.

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