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JoBros at MSG? OMFG. But take it slow, kiddies: That’s Only Made For God. The crypto-Christian pop rock made by the troika of brothers from upper New Jersey is unrelentingly clean and more musically astute than you might expect—and based on the few singles released thus far, their forthcoming album, A Little Bit Longer, will cement the Jonas Brothers as pretty boys to be taken seriously. Nick, the youngest Jonas, is a budding Bacharach; Joe is a pleasingly loose frontman (with welcome hints of raggedness creeping in all the time); and Kevin is a solid anchor. Tonight—in the third of four area shows—they’ll be wearing tight clothes and fending off shrieking pre-teens. Somehow, when this was called Hanson, it was far less thrilling.

Sun., Aug. 10, 7 p.m., 2008

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