Gay Nudists Alert: Naked Came The Strangers


The last time I saw promoter/performer Michael Formika Jones—sometimes known as Misstress Formika—he was prancing in a bathing suit around a Russian-bathhouse-turned-gay-pool-party he promotes once a month. Well, now even the bathing suit is is going bye-bye. Formika reports that he’ll be DJing nude at a gay naturists’ event, the GNI Men’s Nudist Retreat, from August 22-24. It sounds like fun for those who aren’t afraid to reveal their shortcomings. But while the fearless gays boogie down to “It’s getting hot in here/Let’s take off all our clothes,” I’ll probably be back at the pool party, this time in a turtleneck and ski pants, humming “We don’t have to take our clothes off…”

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