Paris Hilton + Politics = Hilarious


John McCain started it with his “Celebrity” ad that compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Kathy Hilton, Paris’ mom and a McCain supporter, denounced the ad, calling it a “complete waste of the country’s time and attention.” Paris never saw a publicity stunt she didn’t like, so she made a video for the website Funny or Die outlining why she should be president. It’s actually pretty clever in that it combines Hilton’s vapid personality with commentary on the energy crisis. Think of old episodes of SNL when Wayne Campbell would bust out some arcane economic theory while interviewing Mick Jagger for Wayne’s World.

The Daily News took the bait and put the response on its front page. The synopsis of the video is in the news section on page 5, under a cute picture of a little girl at the Bronx Zoo watching the gorillas and a story about Paul McCartney’s new song about his ex-wife Heather Mills. It’s in the “here’s the wacky news for the day” part of the paper. The Post also covers the video, but puts it in with the campaign trail coverage, underneath a story of how John McCain is in hot water for joking that wife Cindy should have competed in the Miss Buffalo Chip pageant at the Sturgis Rally, a biker event held in South Dakota.

So, is this big news for Paris, or small potatoes for McCain? Does it matter? It’s funny: