RIP, Mr. Fashion a/k/a Gerard Little


photo by Jacob Burckhardt

I sadly received this email yesterday from scene survivor Jacob Burckhardt about one of the downtown bright lights who’ve made my years and years of clubcrawling all the more luminescent:

“Just to let you know, Gerard Little, aka Mr. Fashion, aka Mahogany Plywood, passed away around noon today.

He did a lot of performing at the Pyramid Club, Club 57, P.S. 122 (with Ethyl Eichelberger) in the ’80s. He ran a guest lecture series at King Tut’s Wawa Hut and appeared in several films that Royston Scott and I did more recently (check out You can also see him on youtube (write Mr. Fashion and Nefertiti in the search box and you will see his most recent performance at P.S. 122 in May, or Mr. Fashion and Limelight and you’ll see him in great form in 1984)

He died of an HIV-related cancer. There will be a funeral in New Jersey on Saturday.”

Ciao, bella! It’s the death of Fashion.

Update: There will be a funeral on Saturday, August 9th at 10 AM at Trinity Church, 218 Passaic Street, Hackensack, NJ.  The public is invited to attend.