Rocks and Shit in Brooklyn Assembly Race


Cenceria Edwards and her daughter Darrian
photo from the Chess Drum

A lawyer and adviser for Cenceria Edwards claims that the candidate in the Democratic Primary for the 36th State Assembly District in Bed Stuy has been subjected to a campaign of intimidation, including two acts of vandalism at her home. In posts at the Daily Gotham, and Room 8, Edwards representative Rock Hackshaw claims that someone threw two rocks through the candidate’s windows, and later left a bag of human feces at her door.

Somebody isn’t happy with Edwards. The attorney and CPA recently entered the primary against incumbent Annette Robinson, after Robinson had challenged the validity of Edwards’ petition signatures, which are mandatory to run for office in the primary. After the challenges, Edwards still met the 500 signature requirement to get on the ballot. Meanwhile, Hackshaw also claims that everyone signing for Edwards received threatening personal visits from individuals allegedly connected to Robinson.

In her first election, Robinson won 96% percent of the vote in a heavily Democratic district. Previously a City Council Member, Robinson first ran for Senate after being reaching her term limit, at which point she ran for the 36th District seat vacated by Al Vann, who simultaneously ran for Robinson’s City Council seat. (More background at The Gotham Gazette.)

The Voice put in a call to Robinson’s office; no one was available for comment.