The Greenest Block in Brooklyn, the Massive Success of Williamsburg Brokers, and the Case of the Used Condom


The jungle in this resident’s front yard helped win $300 for each house on the block of 8th street between 8th Ave and Prospect Park West for “The Greenest Block in Brooklyn.” The competition, run by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, has been inspiring Brooklyn neighborhoods since 1994 with an estimated 500,000 entrants. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]

Brokers in Williamsburg have had major success doubling their fees recently from one months rent to two as new rich residents move in. They themselves are surprised, saying they never got away with Manhattan-style fees when Williamsburg was swarming with poor artists and college students. [Brownstoner]

Tensions rise in an East Village apartment as an anonymous neighbor leaves a note on the each resident’s front door: “Please, if you are the person disposing of condoms and wrappers in the side alley, stop.” In June the resident had left a note in the lobby, but perhaps personalized notes could be more effective. [East Village Idiot]

The East Village and Lower East Side face a rezoning hearing August 13 which officials expect to result in 53% more development and 124 % more possible development than under the current zoning. Bloggers cry out as an August 7th public hearing, the last before the official hearing, will last only two hours for both neighborhoods instead of an entire day as officials previously have done. [Save the Lower East Side]

New Yorkers, normally known for their rude, uncouth behavior, are now reprimanded for cutting in line and walking several abreast on a sidewalk: “If you cut in any line… and it is not a Grade A emergency, you are a douche bag. You are the worst sort of person and any right-thinking mother would express regret at having given birth to you.” What happened to the you’re-lucky-if-you-don’t-get-mugged days? [Lost City]