BINGO!: Brett Favre is Now a Jet!


It really was the easiest pun one could think of, so it makes sense that both the Post and Daily News went with “JET FAVRE” on their front pages today. Also not surprising is the lack of coverage in the news sections: this story sticks to the sports pages because the trade went down at about midnight. It’s a little tough to get good “man on the street” reactions in the wee hours of a random Thursday morning. One thing just about everyone writing about the Favre deal agrees on is this: it’s a coup for the Jets, and it really sucks to be Chad Pennington right about now. (Although some might argue that the latter has been true for quite some time.)

So, how crazy is this deal, and how does it change the NFL landscape for next season? The Post‘s Mike Vaccaro explains in his column:

“Here is how big Brett Favre is: We are 12 hours ahead of you here, and there are thousands of athletes representing dozens of nations and there is swimming on the horizon and basketball around the corner and all kinds of track and all kinds of field looming.

“And yet Brett Favre has been the talk of the Games, at least among the English-speaking blokes, the curious from Australia and the bemused from England. On the bus this morning, a reporter from Scotland asked, “Is he really worth all the trouble?”

More importantly for our purposes, what does this mean for the sports pages? Last season, Eli Manning was the golden boy and the Giants were the Super Bowl Cinderella story that grabbed the headlines. Will bringing a bona fide superstar like Favre to the Jets make them lose their Mets-Jets-Nets “other team” status? (Both Vaccaro and the News‘ Mike Lupica briefly muse on this point.) Will Brett shine or fizzle? There are bound to be a ton of “Brett Favre vs. Tom Brady” stories in the pipeline. Maybe the Boston/New York football rivalry will be on par with the baseball one. If not, we’ll just have to settle for Giants/Eagles.