All Points West: Radiohead and Some Other Lesser Bands


The inaugural All Points West music festival starts today at Jersey’s Liberty State Park, a 15-minute ferry ride from Pier 11 in Manhattan. Radiohead is playing tonight and tomorrow night (as if you hadn’t already heard), and a bunch of other folks are playing during the day. My itinerary for today is: The Go! Team, Duffy, The New Pornographers, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, Girl Talk and, of course, Thom and Friends. More on that later.

While walking around trying to find the press tent earlier, I stumbled across the Radiohead COMPOUND. I shit you not. That’s what the two burly security guys called it, at least. The band appears to have a fairly large fenced-off area backstage, with a bunch of trailers and a tent that looks to be full of couches. The compound is completely separate from the main artist area. I can’t decide if this reflects well on Radiohead (I assume the compound was in their rider) or not. What do you think?