Get Yer Monster Tees, CobCabs That Freak you Out, and the Magic Kingdom Could Come to Your Subway Station…


The Montauk Monster makes its next move: from media phenomenon to urban apparel. Make sure to order a shirt before the truth comes out. [Animal New York]

Cops bust out of what appeared to be a taxi cab before this blogger’s eyes, inspiring the title CobCab. If they’ve taken over taxi cabs, whose to say they haven’t got undercover as pedicab drivers, or ice cream truck employees? The problem, he claims, is that you no longer have those few seconds to put out your joint, halting your illegal activity. But isn’t that kind of the point? [Daily Intel]

The MTA grasps for alternate ways to prevent future financial failures. The new plan: adopt-a-station corporate sponsorships where the Magic Kingdom could be in a station near you. Advocates ask why they haven’t done this before and dissenters wonder when ads will be surgically implanted on your retinas. [2nd Ave Sagas]

Ever thought you’d get hired wandering into a building under construction? Welcome to Trader Joe’s, Brooklyn. With an opening date set for late September (rumored to be the 28th), they’ve started hiring, long before the construction is complete. [Racked]

Dog walking can be a great way to pick up a date, but tourists ruin the fun for this blogger, who lists questions not to ask a dog walker on the street. Number one, make sure you know what type of dog is wagging its tail at you before asking anything else. [Colonnade Row]

Senator Schumer publicly scolds Obama’s silence to McCain’s “celeb” ad today – for the second time decrying Obama’s “higher ground” position. He argues its being spun as an elitist ad and could cost Obama the election if he keeps letting McCain control his image by not countering these attacks. [The Daily Politics]