Sprouse To Hit Bookstores in Day-Glo


Colorful designer Stephen Sprouse–who helped define ’80s style for all time– will be the subject of a book commissioned by his mother and executed by Mao PR’s brother team Mauricio and Roger Padilha.

They certainly have the passion for it. As Mauricio tells me, “We wanted to come to NYC ever since we first saw Sprouse on Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes on MTV when we were kids. He totally inspired us and we would sneak into the city on the weekends to go to the Wooster St store and hang out there all day long.

“We never wanted to meet SS because we loved his work so much and we thought if he was mean to us that it would ruin how we felt about his work. So even though he told mutual friends that he had heard about how crazy we were about him and that he wanted to meet us, we never did on purpose.”

But they certainly meet him now. The book, coming out on Rizzoli in January, has 256 Sprousey pages and it will have four different covers, each in a different day-glo color, which were inspired by the album cover Sprouse did for Debbie Harry‘s Rock Bird.

This all came about after Mrs. Sprouse saw the tribute the Padilhas did to her son in the fashion history bible MAO MAG. Says Maurico, “She contacted us to let us know how much she loved it and that she felt we truly understood his work.”

But wait! Downer update from Mauricio:

“Cal Chamberlain, Sprouse’s male model muse (who also dated Debbie Harry), was found dead in his apt on Wednesday last week. It seems to be of natural causes and they are giving him an autopsy as we speak. He worked with us on the book but unfortunately he will never be able to see any of the 100’s of images of him modeling in 1988 for Sprouse.

“The saddest part is that not one of his friends know where his family is and they still do not know that he passed away. He was not in communication with his family and he never spoke to any of his friends in the last 15 years about them, so there is no one to claim the body as of now.

SO sad.”