All Points West: Beginners Luck? Probably not.


photo by Rebecca Smeyne

This is APW’s inaugural year, so I expected a few missteps, but, aside from the alcohol thing, I’ve been pleasantly impressed. Shit is running smoothly. Lines at the food booths are long, but move quickly. I haven’t encountered a line at the numerous clusters of porta-potties once. Security appears to be on the ball. Even transporting some 30,000 people to New Jersey and back home again every day has gone surprisingly well: I waited in line for about 20 minutes this morning to get on the ferry from Pier 11, near Wall Street. Door to door, from my apartment in Astoria to the festival grounds, the trip took about an hour and twenty minutes. Of course, its not like the festival organizers haven’t done this sort of thing before: they cut their teeth with Coachella, the massive Indio, CA annual music festival. This connection also helps explain how the company was able to snag Radiohead and other major names for a brand new event like APW.