John Edwards’ Shocker Continues To Amaze


I normally don’t rejoice when a Democrat is caught being a sleaze, but the John Edwards mess is just too delicious to not pop a cork over it. I especially love that, though he vehemently lied and tried to cover the whole thing up, Edwards is now trying to look like the soul of discretion and honesty. He’s swearing he isn’t the baby’s father and what’s more, he’s all too willing to take a paternity test to prove it. Alas, conveniently enough, Edwards’ lady love, the former Ms. Druck, doesn’t want such a test to happen, so it absolutely can’t!

What a co-inky-dink! Could Edwards and the gal pal perchance have laid out this plan together, so that he’ll look a little less squalid and the world will never have to know any more details that might dispel that image?

Making it all seem even harder to swallow, I love the excuse she gave for not wanting a paternity test taken–to protect the baby’s privacy! As if this woman cares about privacy issues! The skank who slept with a married man who happens to be one of the highest profile politicians in the country! And who had a baby with him! (Maybe.)

And what about the baby’s right to know who her freakin’ father is? Does that not matter at all? Oh, well. I guess Druck can just privately tell the child: “It’s the guy with the shiny hair on the cover of all these tabloids, honey.”