Consumer Update: Toilet Searchers, Sleep Coach Fans Respond


Feedback! Runnin’ Scared thrives on it. Earlier today we mentioned Diaroogle, the new online john-spotting service for New Yorkers on the go, and Dream Team Baby, which seeks to help both babies and parents to sleep more soundly during those difficult pre-Nyquil years. Advocates of these services responded in comments.

Diaroogle got panned, so to speak, and the company’s Kevin Burg and Evan Cooney wrote to remind us that they’re currently in beta and hope to unleash a stronger flow of information in days to come. We’ll certainly check back when nature calls, probably a few hours after bedtime.

Liz of Cool Mom Picks, which touted Dream Team Baby, admits their service isn’t cheap but is worth “about 600 times more plus a pony.” That’s a strong claim but we don’t doubt it, and we maintain hope that it can be made available to parents who are short of cash, if necessary via a funding bill in that free-spending Obama Administration for which all us socialists hope.

In days to come Runnin’ Scared hopes to review vendors who are more responsive to the implied solicitation of bribes.