Dominican Day Parade: Fill In The Blanks


The annual Dominican Day Parade packed ’em in and shook ’em up on Sixth Avenue between 36th and 56th Streets. Just watching Lisa Evers’ hyperkinetic Fox 5 News report made us want to dance, and hearing a hoarser-than-usual Charlie Rangel roar over the crowd made us want to gargle.

Traditional reports are provided by the New York Daily News (“The rhythms of bachata, merengue and reggaeton took over Sixth Ave. Sunday”), the New York Sun (“Asked why they braved the gray skies and rain to attend the parade, nearly every parade-goer cited patriotism”), NY1 (“‘I’m just here to celebrate the Dominican culture,’ said one parade-goer… ‘I feel proud to be Dominican,’ said another”). New York Post offers a two-image slideshow, and more references to pride and culture. (For a proper slideshow, see Newsday.)

A fresher angle is taken at the American Bar Association Journal, which reports that the Parade passed “just in front of the Hilton headquarters hotel” at which the ABA was holding its annual meeting. “The celebration could be easily heard inside the Hilton,” writes correspondent Edward A. Adams, “where the speaker at a program on social networks briefly tried to rap his remarks in time to the salsa beat, giving up as the audience of 75 broke out in applause.”