Slow News Day: Low-Impact Stories from Around Town


New York Daily News reports that John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, “has been enjoying conjugal visits with his wife for at least 16 years.” Mrs. Chapman “visits once a year on average, sometimes more often, a source told The News.” She was not available for comment.

An 89-year-old man got confused and drove into a Staten Island CVS drug store, says the Staten Island Advance. No injuries reported, no charges filed. Local man Carl Gargiulo, who “said he often sits on CVS’ outside window ledge after getting coffee,” told the Advance, “‘He was, like, 90 years old. That old, they should give them another road test — you’re driving a car.”

Roosevelt Island 360 nudges the competition: “Apparently the New York Daily News enjoys writing about leather as much as we do,” reports the blog, “as they ran a story this past Friday August 8th, similiar in theme to our own 7/24 post, about the leather hand straps in our Roosevelt Island Tram being the last in the MTA system.” Decommissioned straps will go to the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. Meanwhile, “the current straps when worn down have been replaced as needed by an employee who has a connection to a Queens leather/shoe repair shop…”

The New York Times finds that some folks who opposed the opening of the Ikea store in Red Hook have learned to enjoy it. “Kerri-Ann Jennings, a graduate student at Columbia University who said she had opposed the store’s opening, sat in a chair on the esplanade with a view of the water, sketching plans for a new bedroom that she was considering filling with Ikea furniture…” Also, “Despite his feelings, Mr. Offerman has taken advantage of the New York Water Taxi service, provided by Ikea, sometimes taking it home to Manhattan.” Local teenagers praise Ikea’s fifty-cent hot dogs, free soda refills.

“This week, visitors to the Capitol will see for the first time the portrait of Governor Yates, who was New York’s seventh governor and served from 1823 to 1824” — New York Sun. 15 Gubernatorial portraits are still missing from the Capitol. Can you guess which ones? The answers may surprise you!