Sporting News: Yankees, Mets, Meteorologists Suck, Say Experts


“A-Rod: Genius or Idiot?” asks Peter Abraham at the LoHud Yankees Blog after the Bombers’ 4-3 loss to the Angels, which completed their weekend sweep. (Chone Figgins hit the game-winning single in the ninth against Mariano Rivera. On the bright side, it was the only pitch Rivera threw, leaving him fresh for Monday’s game against the Twins.)

Rodriguez was nabbed trying to steal third in the seventh inning, with the score tied and Xavier Nady at the plate. Abraham admits Rodriguez had been judicious in his previous base-running decisions. (He wasn’t necessarily wrong about this one, either; the Los Angeles Times admits that “replays showed umpire Bill Welke got [the call] wrong.”) But, Abraham points out, Nady has been hitting well and was up 2-0 with first base open when A-Rod went. “It’s a good ‘do you or don’t you’ debate,” concluded Abraham. “Unfortunately for the Yankees, they’ve been on the losing end of all these questions lately.”

“Yanks leave runner on third with less than one out numerous times,” says John Amato at Pinstripe Alley. “That’s a kind way of saying that they choked with runners in scoring position as usual.”

“It is clear that the Yankees are not in [the Angels’] league,” sighed Tyler Kepner at the New York Times. “Even if the Yankees win the wild card, they would very likely play the Angels in October. We know how that usually goes.”

The Yankees’ losing pitcher on Friday, Ian Kennedy, has been sent down to Scranton for a tune-up. “Urgency Starts To Set In For Yankees,” reports the team’s MLB page.

Meanwhile in Queens, the Mets lost to the Marlins, 8-2, and dropped two back of the Phillies. They still won the series, but the New York Daily News‘ Subway Squawkers, acting like typical Mets fans, looked on the dark side: “With Sunday’s win, the Marlins ended up splitting the six games they played with the Mets over the last couple of weeks and are again just a half game behind the Mets.”

Losing pitcher Mike Pelfrey’s difficulty with Florida batters (“roughed up by the Marlins for the third time this season and the second time in his last three starts”) annoyed Eric Simon at Amazin’ Avenue. Mets Blog stayed silent on the game and speculated on the return of Luis Castillo and Billy Wagner to the lineup.

The Kranepool Society had different priorites. “The big debate in our section today at Shea (Section 40 of the Upper Deck) was where was everyone?” the blogger asked. “Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of fans at the game but not 54,000 plus as was reported maybe 45,000 or so which is a healthy number and a sell out at $iti Field but the lack of full house made me look like a idiot…” He also complained about the traffic (“the usual bullshit traffic jam on the Gowanus [my next car will have a fucking rocket launcher on the hood]…), “the non-English speaking counterperson in SUBWAY,” the game (“The Mets played like it was a late March afternoon in St. Lonesome”), and local weathermen (“it didn’t rain until the 9th inning by the way thank you local meteorologists YOU SUCK!!!”). Well, he’s got spirit, anyway.

Photo by bobster1985 used under Creative Commons license